Our Mission

Why in the world would a bunch of guys and girls spend their days, evenings and weekends slogging away to create material about the wonderful world of Ecommerce, while they are also juggling scaling active businesses? Because we’re on a mission.

We want to help you control the rate of your own success, freedom and happiness by providing no B.S, world-class, actionable and proven content on mastering the art of Ecommerce. We cover entrepreneurship, marketing and optimizing your time like a pro.

It Was Love at first click

Over the last 15+ years we’ve spent most waking moments listening, learning, testing, tweaking, failing and winning with all things Ecommerce. Everything in Ecom is so beautifully interconnected and we believe there’s always a smarter, better, healthier and happier way of doing things. It’s fair to say this is so much more than a 9-5 for us.

Unlike Coke’s closely guarded recipe or Colonel Sanders secret herbs and spices, we have a common belief to share all the goodness that’s worked for us so we can help others achieve the same.

Part of sharing was taking advantage of any situation where people would be patient enough to listen to us blab, yet the most important element comes from our sincere passion for seeing others kick some ass.

We have so much respect for people that are pushing to go against the grain, whether launching something of their own, helping others or for those that simply love getting better and better at everything they do. It all comes down to a mindset and a burning desire to reach your own potential. #MegaRespect

A BIG glaring gap…

Throughout our respective journeys in this world, we found some glaring gaps that needed filling:

It’s REALLY hard to find training and learning resources that you can trust. 99% of content out there is repurposed and regurgitated time and time again – and it’s often not even proven content, in contrast to “Real World” tried and tested tactics, strategies and methodologies. Everything we share is battle tested, and when it’s something new that we’re looking into, we’re very open about it.

We couldn’t find anything that took a holistic Ecom view. There’s plenty of great stuff on individual levers like Facebook, but nothing that was like having a world class CMO in your business e.g. someone to tell you without b.s, what you actually need to fix; e.g. conversion rate, AOV, contribution margin, crappy logistics, channel mix or something else…

Going beyond the set and forget resource model. Most training providers give you their material then leave you to it. The problem there is that there is no one size fits all solution. No matter how good the training is in that format, the real wins comes from providing legendary material PLUS getting the support you need to implement what you’re discovering. “Education Plus Effective Action = Success”

So where did that take us…

So when you mix in a group of Ecom aficionados who love sharing as much as much as they love scaling, The Ecom Academy was really an inevitability. And here it is.

We hope you get a huge amount out of everything we share on T.E.A and if you’ve got feedback, a story, a better idea, a comment or even a sizzling piece of constructive feedback ; ) we’d love to hear from you.

“To me living your dreams is all about falling in love with the process, and when you find joy in the process, you’ll win.”random YouTube commenter on a pretty cheesy motivational video.

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