IntroducingThe Ecom Academy:

We’re a collective of seasoned Ecom pro’s with an obsession for mastering our craft and helping others achieve the same. Enter…T.E.A, the ultimate resource for people looking to learn how to 2x, 3x, 10x (or beyond) their Ecommerce business with a focus on profit.

We have driven hundreds of millions for all types of businesses across the globe; including our own companies, mom and pop shops, mid market enterprises and hyper growth startups including Nectar Sleep, and

Now we want to help you fast-track your success by giving you the ultimate actionable training that we wish we had. Unlike conventional training resources, we’re still in the trenches day in day out.

We don’t have time for theoretical models – anything we’re sharing has been battle tested time and time again to bring in those Benjamins. CHA-CHING. Hitting big numbers consistently does however requires a left of field way of thinking…

A different approach,
with epic results

Over the last decade we’ve learnt a great deal about why winners win and losers lose. Whether you’ve been in business for a decade or day, we can guarantee that you’ve got Big Fat Opportunities (BFO’s) just inches out of reach. Untapped BFO’s are why competitors zing on past. The good news? You don’t need to be Sherlock to crack your case, all you need is a killer framework and an easy to follow action plan:

Step 1: Identify

Every business has an ongoing flow of sh*t that is holding back growth and profitability. The problem? 99% of businesses don’t truly know what’s actually keeping them in the slow lane. There are 100s of touch-points across the buyer journey that can be tweaked, from that very first moment someone is exposed to your Facebook ad through to when they are coming back for their 10th order (more of those people please).

Step 1 is all about crafting a highly efficient and repeatable process to identify exactly what needs to change and why. This is one of the standout skills that separates the top 10%.

Step 2: Prioritise

At this stage, whether you’ve got just a handful or a laundry list of opportunities, Step 2 is all about prioritisation, PURELY based on a Cost/Effort/Output model (we call this The CEO Secret). This means being able to easily identify what to focus on first, based on what will give you the biggest return from the least effort possible.

This is one of the most underrated skills and will put you in the top 5% of businesses. Thankfully for you, our processes have already been around the block of profitability time and time again.

Step 3: Execute

So now you know what’s wrong and what to focus on first, Stage 3 is the fun part where you get down and dirty and make things happen. Whether you’ve got to boost your conversion rate by 30%, get your customers spending 50% more or even double your SEM traffic while maintaining your CPA – we’ve been there, done that and sold the t-shirt and can give you the GPS to navigate your way to success.

We help you by sharing the very best step-by-step guides available and even copy and paste templates to get you started.

Step 4: Cash In

Mozart may have written a few tunes in his time, but nailing the above three steps will achieve a symphonic masterpiece of profitability. And if you keep nailing the process, you’ll be hanging out with the top 1% of Ecom players. Literally – the top 1%.

So how you can learn?

If you’re just getting started

We know that not everybody is at the same stage in their business, so we have a couple of speeds to help you get cracking. If you’re just getting started, head to our FREE Double your business without spending another cent mini series that covers scale fundamentals. However your business is up and running we have something different for you…

TEA Time Weekly Email

  • Deep dives into understanding your numbers and modelling growth with the right KPIs
  • Building and automating reporting to ensure you smash your growth focused KPIs
  • Delegating and outsourcing. How to determine what to outsource and how to best do it.
  • Building a multi channel strategy (which channel is right for you AND at what stage)
  • How to identify and prioritise opportunities and much much more goodness!

Our Contributors

Chintan Zalani

Head of Content

Mark Patchett


Aires Loutsaris

UK Search Expert

What people are saying:

“Mark is one of the savviest marketers I know, and it’s been a true pleasure working together. His knowledge of the whole digital marketing landscape, an understanding of modeling business growth (an entirely under-appreciated skill), and being able to juggle multiple balls at the same time, make him invaluable to everyone he works with. If you have a chance to work with him, I recommend you jump on it.”

David Jaeger – Leading SEM Expert, Global SEM Partners

“In my experience, Mark makes businesses money online. It’s as simple as that. He’s innovative, entrepreneurial, hard working and forward thinking. And I am confident that he will be a significant asset to any business he works with. He was great to work with, in particular how he brought an excitement and positive attitude to the workplace every day that brought out the best in myself and his colleagues. I learned a great deal from him and hope to work with him again in some form in the future.”

Ben Fitzpatrick – National Manager Operational Excellence, Web Profits

“Mark joined the team in 2015 to head up the marketing efforts. During his time he formed the digital marketing strategy from scratch, led the team and execution to hit monthly targets without fail, even when this involved highly creative approaches and outside of the box thinking. Mark played a key senior role in helping take Trouva grow to one of the Top5 fastest growing business in the UK in 2017.”

Alex Loizou – Founder,

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